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Life and Work


Gods I am tired. Tired of assholes. Tired of FPR’s

Here’s the thing about a job that are important:

  • Don’t bounce my check or cheat me. Or, try to cheat me.
  • Don’t ask me to do unsafe or illegal shit.
  • Respect and appreciation are nice, but in this industry, very fucking rare.
  • But, the biggest thing is: have my back in regards to the post office; some in the P.O. are very good people, but there are also some who should have been drowned at birth. Anyway, if you don’t have my back in this regard, or violate any of the things I mention, don’t expect any loyalty from me.

Just ruminating. Dealt with some loser scum FPR’s again tonight. Still dealing with other shit. Just tired of life… I live for my dogs and the cat. That’s pretty much it right now.

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