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A better day


Less postal drama, but… Due to my truck being in the shop I had to take someone else’s… One that is ALWAYS on empty. An extra hour in fueling. And WAY dirty. I cleaned it for him and even armor-alled it. I’m sure that will go unnoticed. Then the first load was not ready when supposed to be, causing me to have to run attaching trip later after everything else. Did make the Dutch trip early… There was some goodness out there.

Of course, with the lateness off my return to the casa, lot Miller couldn’t hold it, but… He’s 15. I have potty pads down for him and he goes there!

Gas is sure going up. Can we say “profiteering?” Let’s hope this $ is here before the weekend. I need to get my car back… Things to do, buy a new mower, etc.

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