Marsh at a GWA combat event, Newville, PA 1999

This would be the blog of one Marshall J. Wise or “Marsh” to my friends — it’s “Marshall” to the company, to those who won’t listen and to others who know me not. If you are friend, then ’tis Marsh. Anywho, this be just my thoughts and bloviations on life,  reenacting, the world and other thoughtless provoking crap. Yes, I am a reenactor, yes, I own reenactor.Net… Remember: work to live, not live to work.

I should mention that this blog is not always, nor hardly about reenacting… I love it, it’s a great hobby, but often real life intrudes and that’s what I tend to talk about. I also have a sailboat and it is one of the joys of my life… and yes, I shoot evyil guns. I like them… it’s a fun hobby.

*(and yes, look up the word bloviate on google)

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